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CREATIVITY LABS: because ART makes us stronger

Art Workshops for teams and communities


It is proven that making art and being creative has a positive impact on individuals and can increase motivation, innovation and ideas.

I specialise in creative workshops that bring teams, communities and business together in dialogue. My workshops are for groups and perfect for team-building. Creativity Labs are a place to experiment, take risks, be innovative, think big and learn something new. And, of course, to have fun on the way.

Creativity Labs are designed to foster flexibility, collaboration and team spirit using art. They also give something back to valuable team members. Whether together in one room or online, experiencing art through a Creativity Lab is an innovative addition to team building and personal development.

Creativity Labs and Art Workshops help you do better business!



What participants say about Creativity Labs

About Me

Hi, I’m Penelope Richardson, a visual artist from Australia specialised in communication and cultural development. I’m also the founder of Fun Life Art. I’ve always had a passion for working with people with art and bringing art-making into unexpected contexts.


My purpose is to give people a positive experience of art. Through my workshops, I bring people and business together in a creative dialogue to support team-building, change and development in companies. It’s proven the valuable experience of participating in a creative activity can inspire a change of perspective and innovative approaches.


I invented the Creativity Lab format especially to bring art and business together. Also, I love working with people to provide inspiring and fun art experiences. Labs can include different art formats from painting, printmaking, and drawing to art collaborations, 3D projects, book design or video. Throughout my career, I’ve always made art. If you’re interested take a look at my artist website.


I aspire to share my creative impulse. As an artist, there is nothing I enjoy more than to take individuals and teams on a creative journey. I love it when my work sparks excitement, triggers motivation and provokes a creative approach.


Happy Arting!


About Fun Life Art

Fun Life Art offers workshops for companies and groups in guided Creativity Labs and art workshops for team-building, change of perspective and team celebrations as well as Prosecco life-drawing events. What is otherwise usually only taught in art colleges and drawing schools, is packaged by the company into events and labs. Each course is individual, full of laughter and exciting dialogues. In a creative atmosphere, participants can devise their creations with real artist tools. The Australian artist Penelope Richardson, founder and owner of Fun Life Art, was awarded the Guide-Gründerpreis 2018 for her business idea in Munich.


www.funlifeart.com @_funlifeart_ @penrichart

Link to the Guide Founders Award 2018

Penelope R.

Founder / Artist / Communications Specialist

My Philosophy

• Belief in the power of art to open up new paths and perspectives
• Art and Dialogue together
• Hands-on
• Non-judgemental and always individual
• There is no failure
• Every individual has a valuable contribution and personal signature


Like the name Fun Life Art suggests, we bring the fun back into art for groups and teams. Being involved in art-making processes and methods can open the mind to new potential, improve individuals stress levels, inspire new ideas, build confidence through learning new skills and add to work-life balance by offering inspiration and personal development.

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