Live Your Creativity Lab. It’s a precious commodity

Creativity is a precious commodity in today’s working world. Companies everywhere want to harness it to help teamwork, increase ‘on-the-job’ happiness and to improve their business outcomes. Workers want to live their creativity to make their jobs more enjoyable and to be able to contribute to innovation and change.

As an artist, I believe everyone has creative bones in their bodies but they are sometimes shy to show them. Or, they have no opportunity to do so. That’s why I have developed the Creativity Lab format specially designed to bring people, art and business together in dialogue.

Tailor-made creativity

As each company is different, so each Creativity Lab is tailor-made to take the needs of the company. Together teams go on a creative journey. But at the same time, the problems and challenges that need addressing come into sharp focus through the art activities.

A central component of the Creativity Lab addresses the creative needs of the individual first, then builds on this until the whole team are making art together. Labs are hands-on experiences where everyone gets to paint, draw, collage, build and write. Art processes and methods are used to get to the core of the group’s ideas. Inspiration from contemporary art and culture inspires the art that is made. Therefore, creativity Labs harness creativity as a precious commodity.

Core Creativity

One main feature is that Creativity Labs get people moving out of their comfort zones and habits. For example, we all know that it is always the same people who talk at meetings because talking is easy for them. While others struggle to find a voice. Creativity Labs bring everyone onto an equal playing field, literally to play with art and explore very abstract ideas and begin to find solutions together.

Some of the Creativity Labs which I’ve done are:

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