So, what is a Creativity Lab?

A Creativity Lab is a workshop format developed by Penelope Richardson inspired by artists work and art methods in conjunction with Carola Conradt. Thise specially designed workshop format uses art methods to help companies do a thematic deep dive into an issue, challenge or idea that a company or team wants to explore. Doing, experiencing and reflecting on things through the lens of Art is central to these Labs. They are tailor-made to achieve the requirements of each group and can be carried out with a group of four to over 200 participants.


What to expect from a Creativity Lab?

The results of a workshop can be very surprising depending on the questions asked of participants. Sometimes workshops can be used in small groups for personal reflection. And, other times they are a perfect way to get a big group of colleagues to explore a workplace issue or develop new strategies together.


How is a Creativity Lab structured?

Each Creativity Lab consists of three main components – art, intuition and fun. Participants get to explore different materials in a hands-on way through working together. The most important aspect of every Creativity Lab is that it uses proven art methods together with inspiration from art and literature as the basis of each workshop program. Depending on the workshop length and requirements, participants will find themselves using drawing, painting, text, photography or making things with their hands as part of an exploration into their theme.


Creativity Labs frees people from everyday routine and logic

A second essential quality of each Creativity Lab is its ability to tap peoples intuitive side and get participants using their right and left brains together. This aspect frees people from everyday routine and logic and allows participants to suspend their judgement to potentially turn habits of thought on the head and find new solutions.


Creativity Labs give every person on the team a voice

And thirdly, each Creativity Lab is surprising, gets everybody participating, and values both individual and group perspectives. And, most of all, Creativity Labs are fun!


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Written by Penelope Richardson

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