Women Designers. What are they?

Vivianne Westwood, Zaha Hadid or Ray Eames – famous female designers who have set standards in fashion, furniture or everyday objects and whose unmistakable designs have shaped the appearance of an entire generation. They’re the early foremothers of Women-Powering by Design. Women and design were an exception just a few decades ago. Today it is taken for granted that women set trends and determine the spirit of the times just like their male colleagues. Meanwhile, female students outnumber their male colleagues at Germany’s design colleges and academies.

What distinguishes women’s design?

But what distinguishes women’s design from that of their male colleagues? And is there such a thing as a female aesthetic? That’s what Penelope Richardson wants to find out in a workshop at Munich Creative Business Week. Together with the participants, the two trainers – one works as an artist in graphic design, the other is an art historian – want to use practical exercises to clarify how and, above all, how women-specific design tasks are solved by those participants.

“We want to see to what extent women approach design issues from a different angle, what ideas they develop in the process and what results they arrive at,” says Richardson, summarising her expectations of the workshop.

During the workshop in the style of a “Creativity Lab“, the instructors will use form, colour and dialogue to make the creative potential of each participant visible and thereby tap into new resources. Because this is exactly what is often neglected in everyday life – this creative potential lies fallow or is simply not called upon. Since many ecologically compatible products will be coming onto the market in the coming years and design will, therefore, become an increasingly important economic factor, the workshop will also make a topical contribution to the debate on sustainability.

The programme is aimed at industry professionals and the broader public who are interested in design and open to new ideas. No previous knowledge is required. For the organisers of Creative Business Week, which is taking place in Munich for the ninth time, the women’s workshop is an experiment and will be continued if it proves successful.

Women Design Differently!

For those who want to experience a creative kick, the almost two-hour workshop will take place on Sunday, 8 February at 2 pm in the newly opened rooms of “SALON F”, the coworking space for women, at Leopoldstraße 7 in Schwabing, 80802 Munich (5th floor).

Make it Last!

In a further MCBW workshop by the two speakers on 11 March (6:30 p.m., same location), the topic of “Design and Sustainability” will be given a special focus using the same methodology. Small teams will create designs in which ideas and materials are combined to form germ cells for long-lasting development.

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Fun Life Art offers workshops for companies and groups in guided Creativity Labs and art workshops for team-building, change of perspective and team celebrations as well as Prosecco life-drawing events. What is otherwise usually only taught in art colleges and drawing schools, is packaged by the company in events and labs. Each course is individual, full of laughter and exciting dialogues. In a creative atmosphere, participants can create their creations with real artist tools. The Australian artist Penelope Richardson, founder and owner of Fun Life Art, was awarded the Guide-Gründerpreis 2018 for her business idea in Munich.

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